Trees and Water | Day 9 | #100DaysToOffload

Started working on the captain's log story. So far I've got the time line planned out, and started some world building. A good tool I've been using for this is MindNode for macOS. I have a pretty good tree right now. I'll share the domain and fedi handle when I'm ready to start the release. It'll be released at a rate of one log per day. So if the story is 10 logs long(It's way longer than that), it'll take 10 days to release the whole thing.

Blurred for your protection.

I have booked my hotel for Seaquestria Fest in Ocean City, Maryland. After the end of BronyCon, it'll be nice to go to another convention, on the beach no less. I'm hoping the current pandemic slows down in time for the con. fingers crossed.