Sending Money | Day 4 | #100DaysToOffloaf

Not going to lie, I already forgot what day I’m on. Every day is the same thing now. Maybe I’ll pick Minecraft back up, that’ll give me something to do. Still planing to see the great fire hydrant in the forest tomorrow. Weather looks good.

I’ve been trying to get a face mask with the Maryland flag on it. Amazon doesn’t have any in prime, and the non prime ones ship in June. If anyone can make one that looks good hit me up

In the mean time, I’ve got an idea for CausticRetail about different types of money transfer scams. I have seen quite a lot of them. Some just painful, some so stupid it’s funny. People get so mad when you tell them you can’t send money for an illegal purpose.

That’s all for for today. I’ll post a pic of the great fire hydrant in the forest in tomorrow’s post.