Captain's Log | Day 8 | #100DaysToOffload

It's been awhile, too awhile (sound better in my head). Took a break from #100DaysToOffload, I'm back though.

Been busy with things, Playing KSP, modding gameboys, work. KSP is simple, just putting things in close to sun orbits. In terms of modding gameboys, I put my SP in a new shell, and put an IPS display in a DMG (the big grey gameboy(the first one)). Things looks fantastic.

One other things Iv'e started was a new website, I summed it up over on mastodon “Going to redo something I did on Facebook (back when I had a Facebook). A captain's log story where something goes very wrong. Just got the domain and set up a site for it, now to start writing” –

Thats about all.